FHH’s Supply Chain Director Ahmed Nada Wins Silver Medal at World Aquatics Masters Championships

Ahmed Nada, an accomplished Olympic swimmer and the Director of Supply Chain at Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH) in Egypt, has added another impressive achievement to his name. Recently, he solidified his place among the world's top 10 swimmers by securing the silver medal in the highly competitive 100-meter butterfly event at the World Aquatics Masters Championships, held in Japan.

Following the event, Nada expressed his heartfelt appreciation to everyone who stood by him throughout his journey, giving special recognition to Fine Hygienic Holding. His success was attributed to the supportive and nurturing environment that the company has cultivated, which allowed him to effectively manage his time, undergo necessary training, and ultimately triumph in his endeavors. Additionally, he emphasized FHH's commitment to facilitating a harmonious balance between work and personal life for its employees.

Commenting on his success, Ahmed Nada said, “I am absolutely thrilled to have secured the second spot at this championship. The tournament was an incredible display of talent, passion, and contagious enthusiasm. What truly stood out was the remarkable sportsmanship exhibited by all participants as they fiercely competed for the coveted title.”

This recent accolade is just one of the many remarkable achievements he has attained throughout the years. From 2003 to 2011, he held records in both Egypt and Africa for the highly competitive 200 butterfly race. His exceptional skills and dedication earned him a spot on the Egyptian national swimming team, where he proudly represented his country in the prestigious 2008 Beijing Olympics, competing in the challenging 100-meter butterfly event for men.

In 2015, he made a triumphant return by competing in the prestigious World Aquatics Masters Championships. His dedication and hard work paid off as he achieved an impressive tenth-place finish at the World Aquatics Championships just two years later. Nada also took part in two important national championships: Egypt National Swimming Championship and the Republic Championship where he won 4 gold medals and 1 silver, he also received the best swimmer cup. Moreover, Nada and the national team won 5 gold medals at the Bulgarian International Championship 2022.