Our Brands

Our Brands


Fine’s Tissues Division utilizes award-winning technologies and innovations in order to produce a wide range of hygienic paper products—from facial tissues and toilet paper to napkins and paper towels. All of our products employ Fine’s patented SteriPro™ production method, which delivers exceptionally sterilized products, untouched by human hands.

Baby Care

The Fine Baby line has been carefully and lovingly developed with the utmost consideration for your little ones’ comfort and wellbeing. The straight-cut design of Fine Baby diapers allows for increased mobility, while the soft, delicately lotioned, and highly absorbent materials work to prevent discomfort and irritation. And with Fine’s innovative DoubleLock™ technology, our baby diapers work to effectively lock in wetness and prevent leaks.

Adult Care

Our entire range of adult incontinence products features Fine’s advanced DermaPro™ technology, which helps prevent skin irritation and rashes—something that’s especially important for wearers with limited mobility. Our adult care products are pH-balanced, lotioned, and carefully sterilized, and feature odor-control agents—all of which are designed to meet the delicate needs of our consumers.

Fine Guard

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fine worked with exceptional speed to develop and produce a number of advanced germ-protection products, under the brand name Fine Guard. All of the products in the Fine Guard line employ a patented germ sterilization technology that effectively kills harmful pathogens—including the Coronavirus—on contact. The line includes a range of personal protective equipment, such as face masks and gloves, as well as a variety of sanitizers and disinfectants. These products are enhanced with Fine’s revolutionary SteriPro Ultra™ technology, which kills 99% of germs on contact and provides long-lasting germ protection.

eon Longevity +Plus

Inspired by a generations-old formula, eon is an all-natural, proprietary, herbal Longevity Blend™. When put through one of the largest clinical studies in the supplement space, eon stunned doctors and left them questioning whether this in-fact ‘is the world’s healthiest beverage?’ eon is for anyone seeking longevity and looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Professionally certified and recognized by the Medical Wellness Association, eon was clinically proven to reduce inflammation, support cardiovascular and respiratory health, improve gastrointestinal health, improve metabolic balance, and reduce metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes risk factors. Furthermore, it has also proven to improve kidney and liver health amongst a subset of the clinical study participants.

    Motiva Supplements

    Motiva Supplements are the first addition to our wellness portfolio. They are carefully formulated and clinically studied by doctors, and are certified by the Medical Wellness Association. These all-natural, highly bioavailable supplements provide an array of health benefits, including, reduction in inflammation, improvement in cognitive function and cognitive health, and boosting immunity.

    Nai Arabia

    In line with our wide-reaching expansion into the world of wellness, FHH has acquired a stake in Nai Arabia Foods Co., which produces and sells Nai Iced Tea, a range of healthy, refreshing, all-natural iced teas. Inspired by authentic, traditional flavors borrowed from the rich expanse of Arab culinary traditions, Nai Iced Tea is available in four delicious blends.

    Business Solutions

    Fine Solutions is our away-from-home division, providing businesses and institutions with the hygienic solutions they need to ensure a clean and healthy work environment. With our technological leadership and customer-centric approach to business, we are proud to be the region’s leading provider of comprehensive hygienic solutions.

    At Fine Solutions, we work with clients across all industries and sectors—from restaurants and corporate offices to industrial facilities and healthcare institutions—to deliver solutions that are carefully tailored to their specific needs. With a continuous commitment to innovation, we are currently developing smart solutions that will allow us to anticipate the needs of our away-from-home clients like never before, by tracking product consumption and receiving automatic notifications when dispensers need to be refilled.


    Jumbo Rolls

    From FHH’s five paper mills—operating out of Jordan, Egypt, and the UAE—we manufacture world-class jumbo rolls, which we supply to numerous converting facilities across the MENA region and beyond. Our advanced production capabilities allow us to customize these jumbo rolls to the specifications of our clients, which can be used in the production of any hygienic paper product—from facial tissues to paper towels and beyond.


    Perfect Printing Press offers clients a wide range of exceptional and highly specialized packaging solutions. Employing advanced machinery and world-class production capabilities, we provide our commercial clients with a diverse array of modern packaging materials and containers. Working across an endless array of industries and products—including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, fast food, frozen food, and dry goods, among others—we deliver high-quality packages that are expertly designed to serve their specific purpose.



    Across all our products, brands, and operations, the driver of our success has always been our commitment to innovation—and it continues to elevate us to new heights. To speed up the process of transforming great ideas into reality, in 2015, FHH established a Cross-functional Product Development Team. Since that time, this team has helped introduce numerous game-changing innovations, taking them from concept to fruition at lightning speed.