Fine Hygienic Holding actively works on improving environmental sustainability

Fine Hygienic Holding is actively working towards environmental sustainability in its manufacturing operations in Egypt through implementing best practices that aim to reduce water usage and carbon dioxide emissions.

Fine Hygienic Holding’s efforts stem from its commitment as an investor and as one of the companies that is signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). The Group’s business model prioritizes sustainability in three key areas: environment, economic activity, and workplace.

Ahmed El-Fakharany, Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager at Fine Hygienic Holding in Egypt, said: “At FHH, we adhere to a comprehensive sustainability approach that revolves around efficient utilization of natural resources and supporting the state’s endeavors to decrease environmentally harmful emissions. Our commitment aligns with Egypt Vision 2023, specifically the environmental aspect, which is one of its fundamental components.”

El-Fakharany highlighted that the Group uses natural gas as the primary source of electricity generation in its four production facilities in Egypt This initiative has resulted in an annual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by over 25,000 tons. Additionally, the Fine plant effectively treats around 540,000 cubic meters of water generated from the papermaking process each year. The company has managed to decrease monthly water consumption from 49,000 cubic meters to 44,000 cubic meters.

Fine Hygienic Holding is committed to adhering to the best sustainable practices in its production facilities where all its paper products are made from 100% virgin pulp, which is sourced exclusively from pulp suppliers approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FHH is the first in the industry to obtain the ISO 50001 certificate for energy management. Additionally, FHH possesses a cogeneration plant that supplies electricity and heat to its production facilities, as well as a dedicated water treatment plant to treat the water generated from the manufacturing process. This plant complies with the Egyptian environmental standards and regulations and was established in 2022.

It is worth noting that Fine Hygienic Holding has obtained the environmental footprint certificate in Egypt (PEF) as well as ISO 9001 certificate for quality management system and ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management system, and ISO 45001 certificate for occupational health and safety system (OH&S). Additionally, it is committed to taking part in sustainability-related events on a global, regional, and local levels.