Our Operations


We operate more than a dozen specialized production and distribution facilities across the MENA region, and we continue to invest heavily in all of these operations. Our facilities employ best-in-class technologies, adhere to rigorous international standards, and use highly advanced methodologies and practices designed to ensure the exceptional quality and sterility of our products.


All of our operations adhere to the strictest international standards, including ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Each of our converting plants and paper mills is audited annually by OHS authorities.

The safety and wellbeing of our employees is paramount: we apply a multitude of strategies and protocols to reduce workplace risk factors, beginning with a comprehensive risk assessment and clear reporting mechanisms across all of our operations. Safety is a core component of our workplace culture, and safety-related trainings and campaigns are carried out frequently, in full compliance with Global Safety Management regulations. In 2018, we took this commitment a step further with the implementation of a comprehensive behavior observation system and ongoing feedback system (BOS/OFS). This framework has helped us make a company-wide shift from safety compliance to a culture of safety behavior.

These efforts have yielded exemplary results. In 2021, for example, FHH’s accident frequency ratio (AFR) improved by 75%, with the group’s accident severity ratio (ASR) improving by 65%. We continue to move steadily toward our goal of achieving zero lost-time incidents, zero safety defects, and 100% employee safety behavior compliance by 2023.